The new Science Fiction novel, Ringturn, a fast moving action packed Science Fiction adventure by John C. Mawson, Published in the UK by Local Legend Publishing is out now.

Sundered from Earth during the time of the Black Death, frightened and bewildered humans are transported by benign aliens to a planet of a nearby star. Slowly they recover and a much changed society flourishes; science is re-learnt and discoveries are made.

A scientist, Sir Giles Fitzgerald, desperate to know more of the origins of his people sends a message to Earth but in so doing unwittingly alerts the attention of forces inimical to humankind. It's up to an ill assorted group of adventurers to find their original saviours else the fate of both worlds is dire..........

RINGTURN is available at and can be ordered from all well known bookstores.

ISBN 978-1-907203060
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